Brew Fest

Celebrate the Best in Fest Beer!

The Best in Fest Brewery Competition 1st Place award goes to the best beer being poured during the festival. Each entry is judged in advance by a panel of cicerones, certified beer judges, masters, and industry experts. The blind judging begins with how well each beer represents its style, then additional evaluation is based on the beer’s aroma, appearance, flavor, mouthfeel, and overall impression. Food pairing possibilities and drinkability are also considered. The judges also make food pairing suggestions for the beers in the competition. And finally, the top three beers are judged against each other to select the winner!

For more information please call Anna Coulson, Development and Events Coordinator: (805) 366-4023 or

All proceeds benefit Casa Pacifica Centers for Children & Families

Participating Breweries

Updates Coming Soon

While our list of participating breweries is coming soon, you are definitely in the right place to celebrate great craft beer!

In that spirit, let’s celebrate our 2017 Casa Pacifica Wine, Food & Brew Festival “Best in Fest Brewery Competition” winner! It’s Energren Brewery Co’s “Maibock!”

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