Online Silent Auction

Have you ever been to a live auction before and heard the fast-paced chant of an auctioneer? It goes something like … “The bidding on this fantastic deal starts at $50, now what’ll I hear for these two tickets to paradise? Do I hear a $50 bid? Fifty dollars! Will ya’ give me $60? Sixty dollars to the man in the purple shirt! How about $75, will ya’ make it $75?” and so on, until the bidding frenzy peaks and the auctioneer yells “SOLD! To the woman in the yellow hat!”

Well, you won’t have to worry about whether you’re wearing a purple shirt or a yellow hat at our silent auction! (Shhhh!) Instead, you’ll have an opportunity to view the fantastic deals on luxury items and gourmet goods during the festival. You won’t want to miss out on a wide variety of travel opportunities, sports memorabilia, health & wellness packages, gourmet gift baskets, plus many more food & wine items.

Auction proceeds contribute a major portion of the more than $3 million dollars Casa Pacifica must raise to keep their doors open. This funding provides the community’s most vulnerable children and supports families in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. So indulge a little and you will help us reach our very important goal!

Get your phones ready…