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The desire to help children is at the core of every staff member, volunteer and donor. They work together to improve the lives of vulnerable children and give them a fighting chance to succeed. With a yearly budget of over $30,000,000, public funds are inadequate to meet the need. The private sector is asked each year to support what we call the “margin of care.”

Casa Pacifica needs $25 per day per child in private funds.
The cost may seem steep, but the costs we avoid as a society greatly outweigh the immediate price of investing in children now. Many individuals, corporations, and foundations see their contributions as a wise “investment” in the lives of our area’s youth. This “margin of care” is what enables Casa Pacifica to provide services with excellence and innovation for children.
Casa Pacifica is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization incorporated in 1988. Tax ID #77-0195022

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